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Perry 2016; New and Improved

Its not quite time for midterm elections, which for American politics, means that its time to start thinking about who each party is going to run for president and what the primary’s will look like. Most of what I have read makes it seem that Hilary Clinton will have no major opposition to securing the Democratic party nomination leaving only the formality of winning the primaries and caucuses and choosing a running mate. The Republican side, on the other hand, is looking much more interesting for 2016. While Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, was an early favorite, his bridge closing scandal has left him hurt but not entirely out of contention. Out of the last round of Republican nominee hopefuls from 2012, Rick Perry didn’t seem to be in a position to make a serious bid but this time it seems as though a new and improved Rick Perry is taking national spotlight.

His 2012 run was characterized by far right religious positions that didn’t sit well with many Americans as well as some gaffes that made it difficult for him to be taken seriously. With ads like this one as well as not being able to remember the third government agency he wanted to end, it is no surprise that he wasn’t destined to win the nomination. But that was 2012 Rick Perry. 2016 Rick Perry seems to be a much stronger candidate with better preparation and in better health (he was recovering from back surgery the last time around). In 2012, not only did he come off as unprepared but unintelligent. While he hasn’t officially announced that he would run in 2016, he has been visiting talk shows and states who vote early in their primaries, winning over many voters. He has also been discussing his stances on Russia and other issues that he wouldn’t need to worry about if he wasn’t looking past his duties as the Governor of Texas.

Aside from his refined ability to speak publicly, he does have an impressive track record, including being the longest serving governor of Texas. Under his leadership, Texas didn’t bear the burden of the recession as badly as much of the country either. Both of these factors will be important for his candidacy. Despite his blunders in the 2012 race, Rick Perry appears to be gearing up to run a much more successful campaign. While it is much to early to say if he will be a viable contender, adding a new serious politician to the running will inevitably have a strong impact on how the race will look as a whole.