Google Glass For Sale (Today Only)

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how Ray Ban and Oakley were pairing with google glass to increase interest in google glass. Today, beginning at nine o’clock this morning, you can purchase google glass for a reasonable fifteen hundred dollars. This offer only lasts for one day and then, beginning tomorrow, google glass will return to invite only.

On their website, google offers a range of color options and styles along with many tutorials and some information on the product. Using this one-day exclusive sale date offers a lot of advantages for google. It will add potentially tens of thousands of users to their “explorer program” of only a few thousand select users who have had google glass with their user information being sent to google to analyze so that they can fix and improve their product. Before today, most of the people using google glass were probably relatively tech savvy. With glass being sold to the general public, google can get user data on how your average (wealthy) person uses google glass, not just the techie people previously using glass. There is no doubt that this will offer new insights to how the average person will use google glass once it is released in a more permanent way. This will allow google to see what changes need to be made.

Another benefit to this one day release of google glass is that it increases demand and the short duration of the sale may lead many to jump on the offer who maybe would have thought about it and changed their mind if google glass was being sold in another way. While several thousand pairs of google glass is but a drop in the bucket of google’s revenue, I am sure they won’t complain if ten thousand or so people are willing to shell out fifteen hundred bucks for glass.

With this relatively large influx of google glass out there, I am sure that there will be some clever new uses for glass that hadn’t previously been thought of. I recently heard about personal injury lawyers having their clients use google glass to document struggles of living with an injury. Additionally, I am sure we will hear about some problems for those using google glass, including being banned from restaurants or stores who value their customers’ privacy or harassed by cops as driving laws with google glass haven’t been established yet.

2 thoughts on “Google Glass For Sale (Today Only)

  1. Corbett

    Interesting. I never wold have thought that this one-day sale would be designed to collect more user-data, but your post makes this claim very convincing. Do you think the google glass is worth the money?

  2. bdinger

    I think the consumer version will come out and be cheaper while also having fewer bugs. I have really been wanting a pair of these; I think a heads up display is infinitely more useful than a watch monitoring your movements etc. While this seems like a smart marketing move by them to get rid of the rest of their explorer inventory, I think the best is yet to come here.

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