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Announcement (Jan 23)

This is the announcement about the revisions of your blog posts.

1. You are to revise 5 blog posts during the course.

2. The revised one should have a title starting with “(Revised)”, so that I will know.

3. These revised blog posts will be counted as one of your 3 blog posts for the week.

4. Once your revision is made, please send an email to Professor Kimball with the link to the blog post so that he will know which one to read.

Announcement (Jan14)

1. You are to post 5 comments every week. The deadline for 5 comments is every Thursday 11pm.

2. Please expect that the delay is not acceptable. I would encourage you to write blogs ahead of time so that you can deal with unexpected events.

3. Please obtain insights on what you would like to write from news or any external sources, but not from other students’ blogs.